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French Drainage Systems

French Drainage Call: William 07927275538

French drains are primarily used to prevent ground and surface water from penetrating or damaging building foundations. Alternatively, French drains may be used to distribute water, such as a septic drain field at the outlet of a typical septic tank sewage treatment system. French drains are also used behind retaining walls to relieve ground water pressure most of all gardens.

French Drainage Designed for Water diversion in Gardens and diversion away from basements.

You may have a drainage problem around your home if the basement is wet, the garden is flooded periodically, water ponds on your lawn for long periods after a rain, or trees, shrubs and other plants growpoorly

We can provide a variety of drainage correction solutions to stabilize your foundation and stop erosion.

An Introduction to Garden Drainage

Good drainage in the landscape is as important as proper irrigation. Too much water in landscaped Garden areas can result in numerous plant diseases and can even kill sensitive plants like expensive evergreens. Overly wet turf areas are prone to soil compaction and scarring from footprints and mowing equipment.

In addition, drainage around buildings is important to prevent leaks and moisture intrusion into building foundations and walls.

Drainage systems can use a variety of techniques to remove unwanted water from an area, whether on a residential, commercial, or golf course site.

DECKING DESIGN Surface Drainage Systems

Surface drainage systems aim to collect excess surface water from hardscaping, planter beds,Gardens and specific turf areas where water tends to collect. Water enters a surface drainage system through catch basins and piping, which have a sump area that collects debris to prevent clogging of the piping.

Driveway Drainage Systems

Two typical bedding methods, one for each type of pipe, are illustrated opposite. There are numerous 'classes' of bedding for drainage, designed to suit all sorts of ground conditions, pipe types and anticipated loadings. Each class is identified by a different letter.

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